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Development Milestones

PULSE TerraMetrix Dragline


55th PULSE TerraMetrixDL system sold.


Web based server computers are added to the system to provide site wide real-time feedback of the machine’s performance to maintenance and production personnel.

In a developmental milestone, BMT WBM’s payload measurement accuracy is tested using highly accurate temporary load cells and known crane weights placed in the empty bucket. Excellent correlation and calibration of the permanent PULSE TerraMetrixDL payload monitoring system is achieved.


BMT WBM provides updated monitoring systems that include enhanced structural monitoring features and also expanded production monitoring capabilities. Finite element models of the complete boom support system are used to assist with inspection planning and sophisticated fracture mechanics programs are used to guide crack repair strategies. Continuous payload measurement is added to the system that uses strain gauges calibrated by load cells.


BMT WBM upgrades the system to monitor the boom support systems (including Masts, A-Frames, Gantries, Tri-Structures, etc.). Systems now include a real-time structural fatigue calculation and limited production data.


BMT WBM installs a record 11 boom monitoring units during 2005.


BMT WBM initiates R&D effort to develop and commercialize the first boom monitoring system at Black Thunder Mine in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin. The basic system provides operator feedback for global boom health and simple daily reports for maintenance personnel.


BMT WBM supplies stress monitor for dragline boom at Tarong Coal mine in Australia.


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