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Operators of mobile mining equipment can be exposed to high levels of vibration during operation. Although these machines may employ advanced seat suspension systems, the operator can be exposed to unhealthy levels of vibration because of an incorrectly adjusted or poorly maintained seat or vehicle suspension system, compounded by poor road conditions.

Research conducted by BMT WBM with regard to whole body vibrations on mobile mining equipment demonstrates that the road condition is the primary cause of operator health and machine damage. By applying whole body vibration methodology, the road condition can be directly assessed so that remedial road work can be performed in targeted areas. This has an immediate benefit to operator comfort/health and reduces mechanical damage to the fleet.

Measurement of whole body vibration levels on the cab floor and the operator’s seat provides a direct measure of the condition of the seat suspension; a fleet wide comparison of the cab floor vibration levels provides a comparative measure of the vehicle’s suspension system. These measurements will assist maintenance staff in planning seat or vehicle suspension maintenance.

The system can be configured to capture whole body vibration data, generate road condition maps or either of the two.


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