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Whole Body Vibration Exposure-Operator Health

By installing the PULSE TerraMetrixHT system on mobile machinery, Whole Body Vibration (WBV) measurements can be continuously captured in accordance with the requirement of the ISO 2631 standard.

The ISO 2631 Mechanical Vibration and Shock – Evaluation of Human Exposure to Whole Body Vibration standard defines the methodology required to assess the impact of whole body vibration on human health. The PULSE TerraMetrixHT system processes the data in real time, in accordance with ISO 2631 by applying the RMS (root mean square) method and VDV (vibration dose value) method on a cycle by cycle basis. These methods have received international acceptance with regard to the assessment of whole body vibration on human health and are commonly applied in industry.

Data captured from the system is automatically transmitted wirelessly or through a 3G network connection to the PULSE TerraMetrix server hosted on the mine site. The data is stored in a SQL database on a haul route and shift basis for interrogation and analysis. This allows mine personnel to track the whole body vibration exposure of each operator, as well as average levels for a particular haul route, on a historical basis. By assessing the floor to seat WBV transfer function the seat condition can be assessed. By comparing WBV floor vibration levels across the fleet vehicle suspension condition can be assessed.


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