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The PULSE TerraMetrix system was at CIM Mine Expo 2016 in Vancouver...Read more>>

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Integrated Server and Data Analysis

The PULSE TerraMetrix products are supported by a single integrated server housed in the administrative offices. Data is stored in a SQL database, allowing mine personal to develop custom excel spread sheet reports. Alternatively the server can be configured to automatically generate reports at specified times. The server is supported by a web based programme accessible by mine staff through the mines intranet. Shift and fleet analysis of the data is available through the server based analysis package. Figure 2 illustrates a dashboard view of active PULSE TerraMetrix products linked to the server. In this example there is one PULSE TerraMetrixHT system and one PULSE TerraMetrixRS system active on the site. Clicking on the dashboard takes the user to the advanced analysis section of the package.

Dashboard view of PULSE TerraMetrix Server – Site deploying both a PULSE TerraMetrixHT and PULSE TerraMetrixRS


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