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The PULSE TerraMetrix system was at CIM Mine Expo 2016 in Vancouver...Read more>>

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Hardware Description

The PULSE TerraMetrixHT can be applied to all mobile equipment including frontend loaders, graders, light vehicles and busses and haul trucks. The hardware has been custom designed and manufactured by BMT WBM. The hardware can be powered by a 9-24V DC source and is easily mounted to the floor of the operator cab. The main data processing module includes:

  • A 24 bit analogue to digital converter to allow for high fidelity accelerometer measurement (144 dB range).
  • Two tri-axial accelerometers (DC – 200 Hz). One accelerometer would be integrated on the main board to measure cab floor vibration level; the second accelerometer would be mounted to the seat to measure operator exposure to whole body vibration.
  • A seat sensor to detect when the operator is seated.
  • An on board micro controller to allow for DSP signal processing of acceleration measurements in accordance with the frequency weighting filters identified by the “ISO 2631 Mechanical Vibration and Shock – Evaluation of Human Exposure to Whole Body Vibration” standard.
  • Digital input channels to trigger the start and end of a cycle. On Haul Trucks, a signal will be provided to identify the end of the dump cycle. This will allow data to be collected in terms of haul route cycles.
  • On board GPS receiver to track the velocity and position of the vehicle.
  • 3G and wireless connectivity to allow for uploading data either to the cloud using 3G or via wireless connectivity in regions covered by a wireless network.
  • An Ethernet port for direct connection to a vehicle mounted router or hub. This would also allow for interfacing with the mines dispatch system.

PULSE TerraMetrixHT Main Processor Board


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