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The PULSE TerraMetrixEX system has been developed for accurate passload measurement on hydraulic excavators (shovel or backhoe configuration) and Wheel Loaders.

In developing the PULSE TerraMetrixEX, BMT WBM has adhered to its goal of attaining high pass-load accuracy by deploying a dynamically compensated direct loadcell based method. This ensures superior system accuracy under any loading condition or arm geometry.

The PULSE TerraMetrixEX system is independent of, and does not interfere with the OEM drive or hydraulic supply system.

The direct method of load measurement at the bucket simplifies the measurement process resulting in both the payload mass as well as the centre of gravity measurement of the payload. This method does not rely on an embedded model of the linkage geometry or typical assumptions introduced by less accurate structural strain gauge model based methods.

The system currently addresses payload measurement and is directly compatible with PULSE TerraMetrix supporting products, including:

PULSE TerraMetrixSentry – Operator Awareness
PULSE TerraMetrixVision – Lidar Terrain Scanning
PULSE TerraMetrixDatacenter – Web based fleet analysis software


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