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PULSETerraMetrix is a proven high fidelity system for real-time payload measurement, machine health and productivity monitoring. Our systems are shipped ready to install and do not require modification or tie-in to the OEM PLC or drives.

Installation of a PULSETerraMetrix system can be completed inside a 12 hour shift. Our engineering and design staff are directly involved in every installation. This ensures the the mine deals with skilled staff who have the experience needed to provide in-depth understanding of the technical challenges and solutions associated with high fidelity measurement.

PULSETerraMetrix has evolved from the application of sound engineering principles. The team at PTM take pride in having developed a turn-key system capable of consistently measuring payload and health in all operating conditions.


PULSETerraMetrix can accomodate various levels and types of training, ranging from technical support to operator training. Our training goal is to work with our customers to provide sufficient support to ensure the optimum utilization of our technology. Mines can decide to send staff to our offices for training on one of our scale shovel models or dragline simulators, or we can relocate our simulator or model to the mine for on-site training.


When you require support from the PULSETerraMetrix team you will speak to someone who understands the complexities of payload and health monitoring with the goal of achieving optimum production. Our technical support group includes our developers and engineers.

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